Make it happen. Be Discovered.

Dewar Studios specialises in making things happen for people wanting to
break into and establish themselves in the modelling and entertainment
industry. We are one of the industry leaders and specialises in high quality
Photo Shoots, Filming, Model Training, Styling, Talent Promotion and Vocal

We regularly work with all manners of talent from up-and-coming models to
fully accomplished models and entertainers. As a multi-platform visual media
business, we work with a vast range of clientele including, models, singers,
actors, film directors, brand managers and corporations.

And so, if you want to be discovered whether as a model, singer, dancer or
actor, only one company has the key to unlock your potential and make your
dreams a reality. And unlike the rest, we’re not just all talk either. In
fact, we make it our duty to take you from zero to hero and in a short space
of time as well. In short, we will not only help you nurture your natural
talent but also, we’ll help you turn that talent into a reality and have you
working alongside people that make things happen. How do we achieve this? By
going the whole nine yards, that’s how.

Top rate high quality photos:

Lights, camera, action. You’ve heard the saying: A picture is worth a
thousand words. Well, in the modelling and entertainment industry, it really
does and we should know having worked with the best and supplied to the
best. Our photos have been highly praised within the industry and any one in
the know will tell you that the first step into getting noticed is by your
pictures. This is the first thing a casting agent sees. If they don’t like
your photos, they’ll turn their attentions elsewhere. If they like your
photos, they’ll look at you more closely. We’ll make it happen

Dewar Studios has been taking high end fashion shots with huge success for
up-coming and accomplished models, entertainers, corporate clients and
aspiring individuals. We have previously welcomed a number of exclusive
guest and high profile celebrities to our studios and continue to work with
clients of this caliber and so, if being linked to the stars is one of your
goals, you’ve come to the right place. We are able to deliver a large range
of photography, from headshots for corporate use to high-end fashion
photography. As part of our services we also offer product shoots for retail
and catalogues. Our studio only uses the latest and highest quality
equipment to ensure we meet our clients’ exacting standards. Our main aim is
to capture our clients’ natural beauty (which clients tend to appreciate
more) without the need for extensive photo editing. Our photographers ensure
that our clients are captured in such a manner to showcase your natural
beauty and talent.

Filming – Reel Services

We specializes in creating high quality video & audio materials for budding
models, singers, actors and dancers wishing to be stars within the modelling
and entertainment business. Successful performers market themselves better
than anyone – utilizing many different media outlets. And that’s a huge
reason why they work. In short, we think having video & audio is the single
greatest way to showcase your talent when you can’t be there in person. We
offer high quality production of acting and model show reels for an
affordable price. We can provide you with up to 4 different scenes and
edited. It is important to bear in mind that filming your acting show reel
with us is more than performing the scenes in front of camera, it is also an
intensive acting work shop whereby we will ensure that we get the best from
you. In turn, this will make you stand out when a casting director comes
calling. We’ll make it happen.

Model Training

The importance of how to become a model though proper model training cannot
be stressed enough. It provides simple truths on how to succeed as a model.
If you would like to jumpstart your career as a model then we have the right
model training courses to ensure you look and act your best when in front of
casting directors. Not only will you get advice from the best industry
experts on how to make it as a model and be shown how to pose, you will
receive some fantastic images for your portfolio, improve your confidence,
and make loads of new friends as well!

It’s hard knowing how to get started out as a model and so our days are
designed to give you all the information and training you need, and ensure
you have a fantastic set of affordable images in your portfolio as well. Our
Model Tutorial Days feature a whole day packed full of makeovers,
photo-shoots, and training and advice! On arrival you will lay out your
clothes, heels and accessories for our team to choose outfits for each of
the photographic sets on which you will be shooting. You are welcome to
shoot just fashion outfits, or bikini’s and lingerie as well if you wish.
You will then have your hair and make-up done by our team of professional
make-up artists and hair stylists, ensuring you look a million dollars in
your photo-shoots! You will take part in photo-shoots all day, with our team
of professional photographers, on a variety of backgrounds and sets. They
will help you with posing, how to stand, and ensure you look fantastic in
every shot. Yet, it doesn’t end there. Our experts will be also be at hand
to answer ANY questions you have about the modelling industry and how to get
started out, what type of modelling you would be suited for, and anything
else you can think of! If you have lots of questions to ask her make sure
you write them down otherwise you may forget them on the day! The day will
also include personalised training including catwalk practice, public
speaking/presenting, wardrobe training, beauty advice, how to impress
casting agents, confidence building and much more, depending on your

On the day:

Our Model Training Boot Camp takes place on Saturdays from 10am-3pm with
lunch included. We offer an enjoyable and exciting Model Training Boot Camp
aimed at helping aspiring models gain more body confidence and modeling
skills whilst having fun.

After practicing what you have been taught, industry professionals will give
you feedback on how you have progressed and confirm whether or not you are
ready for a photo shoot.

We will also offer you 10 digital photos and a film of the days training at
the end and we will assist with forming the beginning of your modeling

Our clients will feel at ease, enjoying their learning experience within a
luxurious and shopping environment located in the fashionable Oxford Circus,

Please note that aspiring models under the age of 18 will require
parental/guardian’s consent to attend the boot camp. – Not required as when
they book, you can inform them of this I think

Our friendly coach will work closely with you to:

Talent Promotion/Management

We are one of the leading nationwide talent and model agency that welcomes
models and talent in all forms. Regardless of your dress size, height, age,
ethnicity or gender, if we believe you have the talent, rest assured that
we’ll bring it out and help make it happen for you. Our talent management
boasts more than two decades of experience matching performers to high
profile clients from models, actors, singers, dancers, musicians and much
more. Thanks to the many years of working with a multitude of businesses we
have acquired a vast number of invaluable industry contacts in TV, Film,
Theatre, Advertising and much more. In short, we have a can-do attitude and
one that our scores of clients benefit from. In all, we aim to give new
models and artists a personal, approachable and professional service,
offering advice and tips at every step of the way with one sole goal in mind
– your future success.

Vocal Coaching

Whether you’re starting completely from scratch, you sing in a band,
preparing for an audition or are wanting direction on where to go with your
singing, we are here for you and will do our best to help you achieve your
goals, whatever they may be as a singer. If you are looking for affordable,
tailor-made, fun singing lessons from an extremely experienced vocal
tutors/singers you have come to the right place! Regardless of what genre of
music you prefer, we have the know-how and resources to make it happen. You
will not only learn you how to improve technically as a singer but will also
work on confidence at the same time. Our coaching extends to all levels,
even those who are convinced they cannot sing a note. And so, get in touch
today and give it a go. You’ll be surprised what you can achieve!


We have provided Photography, Filming and Studio Hire for many businesses including OK! Magazine, Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model and Metro Newspaper. Here are other companies that we have collaborated with:


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